EU Policy Areas

The Movement has a common platform to guide immediate actions to modify existing European directives or to work as a base for new bottom-up proposals for new directives and new principles for the governance of water in the European Union.

Our areas of interest can be summarized in four main points:

  1. Water is not a commodity, it is a collectively owned commons and a universal right and like other natural elements, it is fundamental for the balance of ecosystems and for the survival of the planet, its management must take into consideration the rights of the Nature.
  2. Ownership and management of water services and water infrastructure have to be public, participative and under social control;
  3. “Full cost recovery” as a guiding principle of financing integrated water services in Europe needs to be changed, instead, securing access to water and securing funds for investment in extraordinary infrastructures should be achieved through general taxation;
  4. The participation of citizens and workers in the management of services is a necessary condition for having a new governance model of the commons.

We are currently working on the following EU policy areas:

  • a. The Blueprint to Safeguard Europe's Waters
  • b. The European Innovation Partnership (Water)
  • c. European Water Stewardship
  • d. Report on concessions
  • e. Austerity measures related to water