Jai Jagat 2020

Initiated by the Ekta Parishad movement for smalll landless peasants in India, the international Jai Jagat march left on October 2nd, 2019 from New Dehli (India) and will arrive at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland) on September 20th, 2020.


European Water Movement in ESU 2017

Here are the 2 workshops that the European Water Movement will animate during ESU 2017 in Toulouse.

EU Water policy, challenges, lessons learned and the way forward

Friday 25th, 14:15-16:15

We present the highlights of European water policy since the previous ESU: transposition of the concession directive, battles for the right to water in Ireland and Greece, threat of CETA on water. Then we explain why we must be vigilant on the revision of the water framework directive that has just started and on the EU will to develop water trading and more partnership with the private sector.


Thierry Uso, animator of the water commission of Attac France, member of Eau Secours 34
Maria Kanelopoulo, SaveGreekWater’s spokesperson for the international
David Sanchez, Food & Water Europe’s campaign officer
Noreen Murphy, activist of the Irish right2water campaign

Citizens' participation in the management of water services in Europe

Saturday 26th, 14:15-16:15

The return to public management of water and sanitation services should always be accompanied by the citizens' participation in the governance of these services. From the cases of Berlin, Naples, Montpellier, Terrassa, we will describe the mechanisms of participation set up or desired, analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to determine which we must demand.

Dorothea Härlin, Berliner Wassertisch's s spokesperson for the international, member of Attac Germany
Consiglia Salvio, Comitato acqua pubblica di Napoli
Thierry Uso, Eau Secours 34, animator of the water commission of Attac France
Juan Martinez, Taula de l’aigua de Terrassa

The full program of ESU 2017

22 july 2016: Global Day Against Mega Mining

In 2009, opponents of the gold mine in Cerro San Pedro, Mexico, inaugurated the Global Day Against Mega Mining at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City.

In the years that followed hundreds of protests have been carried out to mark this day, 22nd July, in more than fifty countries and/or territories.

Whether they are operating in France, Greece, Honduras, Argentina, Congo, Burma or Australia, mining companies are responsible for serious social and environmental impacts. They destroy the living environment, monopolise the natural wealth that is essential for human communities and all of life to thrive and transform farming and indigenous villages into areas for workers who rely on the companies to earn wages to survive.