Proposal for a new water management model in Madrid

The Plateforma contra la privatización del Canal de Isabel II initiated a debate on the water management model of the Canal within the framework of the Campaign for Transparency. They involved organizations, trade unions, 15M assemblies, political organizations and the public to find an alternative model, which could be defended before the current PP government or before future governments.

In recent months, the Plataforma and various citizen organizations have denounced the shortcomings and lack of transparency of the current management model, put in place since June 2011 with the aim of maintaining a public entity, Canal de Isabel II, but reduced to a minimum (22 employees), basically becoming an organ of control and supervision and to create a company, Canal de Isabel II Management SA.

This company responsible for asset management, infrastructure, water and sanitation and the re-use of treated water is to be privatized when economic circumstances allow, according to the president of the region of Madrid Ignacio Gonzalez.

The goal is to present an alternative management model for water services for the Community of Madrid, according to principles of efficiency, defense of general interests, transparency, responsibility and citizen participation.

The management model proposed for Canal de Isabel II has to take into account the following criteria:

  • Non-market oriented management
  • 100% public management Implementation of the right to water and sanitation
  • Model of cooperation between the various competent authorities
  • Quality of service delivery and social and environmental efficiency
  • Fair working conditions
  • Transparency, responsibility, citizen participation and access to information
  • Public-public partnerships

The proposal for a new management model for water services for the Community of Madrid is accessible in Spanish on the website of the European Water Movement.