Initiative K136 press release

2 July 2014,

Regarding the HRADF (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund) communication at the recent General Assembly of EYATh Shareholders, stating inter alia that "respects the reactions of the local community" Initiative K136 has to observe the following:

-- The HRADF at the recent meeting with representatives of the referendum organizers, said that does nothing by itself, but that the government said. So the question is what the government will do after the referendum, which has not yet clarified its stance. Hence, the issue of privatization has not ended, instead remains open.

-- The HRADF sure to leak scenarios for continuity, usually a "well informed sources" saying that "the Fund then has three options:

  1. Divest a minority shareholding. To sell that as much as 24% to a "strategic investor" transferring the management too. In this case, the strategic investor will undertake the management of the company but the Greek government will retain control.
  2. Disposal of shares (again up to 24%) through the stock exchange and the government retaining the management.
  3. Return the entire amount to the State by cancelling not only the sale plan, but also the investor entry.

So, despite what it says HRADF, obviously means other things. Otherwise, why they are looking "windows" in overwhelming the NO of the citizens of Thessaloniki? The NO, is it possible to be "translated" in "strategic investor" entry and taking over the management by him? Let's leave these the HRADF gentlemen, they do not pass.

All can do HRADF, if really means that it respects the reactions of the local community, is to return all shares of EYATh to the State. After that, it is a question of the government what will do with EYATh. These concern the government.

But the organizers of the historic referendum on the water of Thessaloniki are ahead of another historic challenge: to transform the "Alliance of NO to privatization" in an "Alliance of YES". To develop through a public debate, open to all the citizens of our city, a joint proposal, which will synthesize in one, the three different views on the management model of EYATh. One city, one proposal for the water.

After the great "NO to privatization", it is the time for the great "YES to democratization" of EYATh.

Initiative K136 has its own proposal: The water neither in the State nor in the multinationals, but in the hands of the citizens-users. With non-profit water cooperatives of citizens in each municipality. The statute of water cooperatives provides the municipalities and EYATh workers participation. The recent referendum brought together municipalities and citizens. It's a good premise for a rapprochement between the two sides at the level of the proposal for the water management model.

The K136 proposal outlines the approach of all views:

  • public administration through the State EYATh FA, which will own the networks, facilities and infrastructure,
  • democratic (municipal and cooperative) management, through the convergence of the two proposals of municipalities and K136, where the participation of EYATh workers is provided.

Initiative K136