Remunicipalization of water in Turin

Six years later, the Turin City Council finally acted according to the popular will expressed by the referendum against privatization of 2011.

On Monday 9 October 2017, the 5Stelle group, "Torino in Comune" and "Direzione Italia" voted for the transformation of the water company SMAT S.p.A. into Azienda Speciale of public law.

After Naples, Turin is the second largest city in Italy to remunicipalize its water. From today begins the countdown of the setup of the Azienda Speciale that will also integrate the 40 municipalities of the metropolitan area. This process will officially end in April 2018.

Thank you for the determination, the passion, the organization of the acqua pubblica Committee of Turin that has always worked at the territorial, national and international level for the defense of public water. Now it will be more difficult for other mayors to say that it is not possible!

From Cochabamba to Montevideo, from Paris to Naples, from Berlin to Terrassa, from Montpellier to Turin, we will continue the battle for a new municipalism of the commons, bringing democracy, equity and efficiency.

For the Forum italiano dei movimenti per l'acqua,
Renato di Nicola