Suez “honored” the speech of Paris deputy mayor, Athens city council no!

A very negative impression was caused to bystanders and members of our initiative, by the complete absence even for reasons of protocol, of representatives of Athens Municipality at the event on the water that took place yesterday evening with keynote speaker and guest the deputy mayor of Paris, Anne Le Strat. Fortunately local government was  represented by members of the city councils of Maroussi and Pallini, two of the five municipalities of Attica that have adopted resolutions against the privatization of water services.

In the packed hall of BEA , yesterday evening at 7 at Akadimias St, the mayor explained with composition and concrete data the steps that led to the operating in 2010, of the public water and sewage company, Eau de Paris, after the expiration of the 25-year contract of the city of Paris with the two large privates Suez and Veolia. Anne Le Strat, explained in her speech, how Paris succeeded in accomplishing a successful economic management of the natural monopoly, with strong the element of social control and participation on the board of elected local government, consumer associations , environmental organizations and employees. Not a single euro from the water company leaves the company, but it is reinvested in total for infrastructure maintenance and improvement of services and no water cuts take place implementing the ideal of social cohesion for those economically weaker. Paris did it, so it’s possible !

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