The Italian Constitutional Court Blocks the Privatization of Water

Big victory for the movements, the Constitutional Court blocks the privatization of water and local public services.

Today, 20th July, the Constitutional Court has given back the voice of the Italian citizens and the democracy of our country.

It does so by declaring unconstitutional, therefore inadmissible, Article 4 of the Decree Law 138 of August 13, 2011, by which, the Berlusconi government, stomped on the referendum result and re-introduced the privatization of local public services. This ruling also blocks all subsequent amendments, including those of the Monti government.

The ruling clearly explains that the referendum was violated by Article 4 and declares that the law passed by the Berlusconi government violated Article 75 of the Constitution. It confirms what we stated a year ago, that the measure would reintroduce the privatization of public services and trample on the will of citizens.

The ruling strongly confirms the citizens’ will expressed on 12 and 13 June 2011 and is a warning to the Monti government and all future powers who speculate on the commons. After the extraordinary referendum victory built from bottom up, today made clear once and for all that what 27 million Italians have chosen has to be respected: water and public services should be public.

Si scrive acqua, si legge democrazia! (It is written water, but is read as democracy!)