Woman, Life, Freedom

The European Water Movement alongside women and men struggling in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran against war and repression, for a new model of democratic society

In these last months Kurdish women and men are resisting the aggression of Turkish regime in Syria and Iraq. Turkish army is targeting civilian infrastructure in the North of Syria such as power plants, grain stores, hospitals and the water distribution system, leading to fears of a serious humanitarian crisis later this winter.

Women and men are also resisting the repression by the Iranian regime against women, young people and minorities including Kurdish. Women especially are leading several protests in Iran, in spite of the greater risks and suffering they face. In the meantime hydric segregation persists in various Iranian regions, as the water apartheid in Palestine.

To the cry of “Woman, Life, Freedom” women and men are fighting for a new model of society alternative to the autocratic and patriarchal regimes in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran.

The European Water Movement expresses its solidarity to all these people and communities and calls for public opinion to mobilize and institutions to take effective measures for the immediate stop of military aggressions and repressions, for release of persons detained and for the acknowledgement of the instances of liberty, justice and inclusiveness supported by the democratic confederalism and by all who demonstrate in Iran, Turkey and across the Middle East. Lastly it demands the protection for exiles and refugees abroad and the guarantee of exclusion from any risk of extradition. In this regard it denounces the shameful agreement that led to the extradition of the Kurdish militant Mahmut Tat from Sweden to Turkey.