EYATH Employees: "The struggle starts now!"

EYATH Employees: "The struggle starts now!"

Immediate was the response of the employees union of EYATH after yesterday’s announcement by Mr Athanasopoulos of TAIPED of the sale of 51 percent of EYATH till October 2013.We remind here, that from 1999 until today during the semi-privatization of the company, the number of employees decreased from 700 to 265 while for a 2,330 km network and 510,000 water meters the company employs 11 plumbers!. As for the invoices there were increases of up to 300 percent.

Announcement of Employees Union of EYATH

Yesterday the Parliament disxussed  the issue of privatization of EYATH. MPs were informed by TAIPED that the Government decided to allocate the water of Thessaloniki to private interests.

“Taking the floor, Mr. Athanasopoulos, explained that the sale of shares of EYATH SA does not constitute TAIPED’ s initiative but that of the government  in accordance with the medium-term agreement,” renouncing thus any eventual legal responsibilities.

No need to repeat that EYATH is to be in reality given away to some private interests to make big money. A rough reduction of its profits to a depth of 30 years which is also the period of the concession, implies net profit of over 600,000,000 euros.>

Until October they estimate το finish with EYATH, they estimate to finish with the water of Thessaloniki, they  count, they keep counting but do they count us in?

They underrate us and that’s their mistake. The people of Thessaloniki can stop the plunder.

Together, in coordination, we can stop them.