Solidarity letter with the Sioux community of Standing Rock

Mr. Barack Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

CC Mr Anthony Luzzatto Gardner
US Ambassador to the European Union
United States Mission to the European Union
Zinnerstraat - 13 - Rue Zinner
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, December 1st 2016

Dear Mr President,

The European Water Movement is a pluralistic network of social and environmental organizations, committees, and unions whose goals are water protection, application of the human right to water and recognition of water as a commons in Europe. Members of the European Water Movement were on the people’s side struggling all over Europe against the extraction of shale gas by fracking, in order to preserve the water resources of their territories and their living environment. These struggles have been partially successful as fracking is now banned in several European countries.

Consequently, the European Water Movement can only be in solidarity with the Sioux community of Standing Rock, which is fighting against the crossing of its territory by the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline is a direct threat to the water resources and livelihood of the Sioux. The Sioux, who call themselves “protectors of water”, demand nothing but respect for the treaty, attributing to them the territory that would be crossed by the pipeline. The only answers they have received so far are violent attacks of their camps by the Dakota police and the security services of Energy Transfer Partners, recalling the darkest hours in the history of the Great Sioux Nation.

Mr. President, before the end of your term, listen to the Sioux community of Standing Rock and cancel the building permit of the Dakota Access Pipeline. It is still time.

Kind regards,

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Rue d´Edimbourg, 26. B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

pdf file of the solidarity letter