Environmental and social organisations and councillors from Baix Llobregat agree to create the Taula del Llobregat

They share the desire to build a broad citizen movement that covers the entire river basin where the need for a living Llobregat river meets the social movement for water as a commons.

Terrassa, April 2018. 

In a meeting held in Terrassa this April, various actors related to the Llobregat river met, convened by the Taula de l'Aigua de Terrassa and by ProuSal! with the intention of promoting a Taula de conca (river basin table), informing how water flows from the source to the mouth. 

This first meeting was attended by councillors from Cornellà, Abrera, Olesa and Rubí, together with the organisations Aigua es Vida, Martorell Viu, the Xarxa per una Nova Cultura de l'Aigua (XNCA), Ecologistes en Acció de Catalunya (EEAC), the Grup de Defensa del Ter (GDT), the Moviment Ecologista Sant Feliu (MES), the group Alternativa d'Unitat Popular (AUP) of Rubí and the Societat Esportiva de Pescadors d'Abrera. Also present for the University were the UNESCO Chair in Sustainability (CUS) of the UPC, representatives of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), as well as two technicians from the Terrassa City Council.

After listening carefully to the explanations given by Christian Morrón, an environmental lawyer, and finding out how the process of setting up the Taula del Ter (table of the Ter river) had been carried out by Jesús Soler, former president of the Grup de Defensa del Ter (GDT), it became clear to us that we needed to repeat the experience in our river basin, adapting the process to our reality. Therefore, we have decided to move forward and to work together to promote the creation of a Taula de Conca del Llobregat (table of the Llobregat river basin), which should come in operation in October this year along three main axes:

  • Gathering of knowledge.
  • Map of the actors in the territory.
  • Work plan, proposals.

The road is long, but the objective is clear: the creation of a Taula de Conca del Llobregat, since the water of the Llobregat is a scarce good, but of all. 

The promoting-group of the Taula del Llobregat



Josep Ribera, ProuSal!, tel 629 657 927
Paco Rodriguez, Taula de l'Aigua de Terrassa, tel 600 603 407