Water and Power: Are public services still public?

Municipal Services Project

Public water and electricity are back in vogue! Yet many state-owned utilities are now undergoing “corporatization”: they have legal autonomy and manage their own finances. Is this a positive development in the struggle for equitable public services? Or a slippery slope toward privatization?

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Commodification and financialization of water within EU

Seminar of the European Summer University of social movements
August 20, 2014, 16:30-19:00

Video présentations:

  • Tarification de l'eau et Paiement des services écosystémiques (français, sous-titres anglais et espagnol)
  • Los mercados de agua (espagnol, sous-titres anglais)
  • Los bancos de agua o el fracaso de la gobernabilidad del agua (espagnol, sous-titres anglais)


Something's up with the water

On Monday, February 24, at 19.30, SaveGreekWater the initiative for the non privatization of water in Greece presented the information campaign "Something's up with the water" in the crowded first floor of the Art Meeting Point CAMP at Kotzia Square (Athens). Over 150 people attended the event, during which SaveGreekWater presented their activities and goals and those present had the chance to watch in preview all 6 tv web spots and listen to the 4 radio spots that constitute this phase of the campaign.

The TV spots - that the coming weeks will gradually be diffused on the internet - were directed by young Greek directors (Elena Dimitrakopoulou, Angelos Frantzis, Haris Stathopoulos, Savvas Katirtzidis, Paul Mafrikidis, Lefteris Haritos), who, each on his own artistic approachand creative look, gave visual form to the consequences of a risk that is more than real.

All spots were shot with the pro bono participation of about 250 people and are the first of the campaign since other directors and artists have already expressed their interest to participate in this collective effort.


What democracy for water management within EU?

Workshop of the European Summer University of social movements
August 22, 2014, 9:30-12:00

Video presentations:

  • La participación pública se ahogó en la Directiva Marco del Agua (spanish, english subtitles)
  • La mentira de la participación pública en Catalunya (spanish, english subtitles)
  • Politiques publiques de l'eau, DCE et participation du public en France (french)


Save Rosia Montana

rosia montana

Rosia Montana is a small village in the heart of Romanian Transylvania. Its natural, cultural and historic heritage is of an inestimable value. Today an open-pit gold and silver mining project threatens to destroy this village and forever pollute its groundwater. This project, one of the largest in the world, is led by the Canadian company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC).