Interviews conducted during the EWM meeting in Lisbon

Água é de todos conducted several interviews on the water situation in Europe during the EWM meeting held on 30 June 2018 in Lisbon:

  • Luis Babiano (AEOPAS) on the situation in Spain - Spanish
  • Pau Ortinez (Aigua Es Vida) on the situation in Catalonia - Spanish
  • Renato di Nicola (Forum italiano dei movimenti per l'acqua) on the situation in Italy - Spanish
  • Thierry Uso (Eau Secours 34) on the situation in France - French with subtitles in Portuguese
  • Noreen Murphy (right2water Irish campaign) on the situation in Ireland - English with subtitles in Portuguese
  • Emmanouil Mastorakis (SEKES EYDAP) on the situation in Greece - English with subtitles in Portuguese


European Water Movement in FAMA 2018

Fighting for Water Democracy in the EU

Event "Fighting for Water Democracy in the EU following the right2water ECI" organized in Brussels by the GUE/NGL group of the European Parliament

Conference - 11 Jan 2017

  • The successful right2water campaign in Slovenia
    Matej Vatovec - Member of the Slovenian Parliament
  • Water privatization push and citizens resistance in Greece
    Maria Kanellopoulo - SaveGreekWater
  • Post right2water ECI strategies
    Jan Goudriaan - EPSU
  • Trade deals and EU legislation affecting right2water
    David Sanchez - Food & Water Europe

Press conference - 12 Jan 2017

  • Metering, pricing and saving of water
    Lynn Boylan - Irish MEP


Irish right2water campaign

Workshop on "EU water policy"
European Summer University of social movements
Toulouse, 25 August 2017

Presentation of the Irish right2water campaign by Noreen Murphy, a Cork activist for the Irish right2water campaign, and comment on the Irish situation


Energy policy and dams in Bosnia-Herzegovina

hydropower dams in balkan

Miodrag Dakic's video sent for the roundtable "Dams, Energy and climate change" which was organized by the European Water Movement during the Climate forum in Montreuil.